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ZW3D is amongst the most affordable mid range CADCAM options available. You can start at CAD Lite and upgrade all the way to Pro CAD Mold and Die  and 4&5 axis CAM.  Premium 3Axis CADCAM is the most popular combo. Always affordable and exceptional value for money on a permanent license basis with no upgrade penalties. 
You may not know enough about ZW3D to know what you are missing. 
You can find out very easily - just visit ZW3D and call Graceland Technology in New Zealand  -  0220 196 396  - to find out more.

Ordinary to Amazing - ZW3D does it all.


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When you want to find out more about ZW3D and how it can work for you, send an email or call Paul from the contact details at bottom of the page. 
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443 Pahi Rd
Paparoa 0571


Phone: 0220 196 396